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Random Number Generator, or RNG, is a mathematical algorithm that generates a sequence of numbers that cannot be predicted. Random Number Generators are used in various fields, such as cryptography, gambling, computer simulations, and statistical sampling.

The random number has been considered to be the number that has been selected from the vast number of unlimited and limited numbers, having lacked the consistent or the predetermined mechanism for prediction. It is important to note that the pool of numbers is associated with numbers known to be independent and have apparent distinctiveness. On the other hand, the number collection may have to follow a specific or predetermined distribution.

At its core, an RNG is a tool that generates a sequence of unpredictable and unbiased numbers. It means the series is random, and the chance of developing any particular number is equal to all others.

How do Random Number Generators work?

Random Number Generators can be classified into true random number generators (TRNGs) and pseudo-random number generators (PRNGs).

True Random Number Generators

TRNGs generate random numbers using physical phenomena, such as radioactive decay and thermal or atmospheric noise. Random Number Generators are considered more secure and less predictable than PRNG. However, TRNGs are also more expensive and slower than PRNGs.

Pseudo-Random Number Generators

PRNGs generate random numbers using mathematical algorithms. PRNGs are faster and less expensive than TRNGs. However, they are also more predictable and can be vulnerable to attacks.

Applications of Random Number Generators:


RNGs are used in cryptography to generate random keys and protect sensitive data. For example, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) uses an RNG to generate a random key for encrypting and decrypting data.

Computer simulations

Random Number Generators are used in computer simulations to simulate real-world scenarios. For example, a Random Number Generator can be used to affect the behavior of a large group of people.

Statistical sampling:

Random Number Generators are used in statistical sampling to select a random sample from a population. This ensures that the example is representative of the people.

Choosing the suitable Random Number Generators:

When choosing an RNG, it is essential to consider the application and the level of security required. If security is critical, a TRNG should be used. If speed is more important, a PRNG may be a better choice.

A real-life example of a random number :

For instance, the overall height of pupils belonging to any particular college or school should follow the normal distribution associated with the median size. Pick the random number tends to have the more incredible opportunity. The random number generators would assume that the numbers that would be generated have independence from each other.

Actual random numbers rely on the physical phenomenon in the form of atmospheric noise, quantum phenomena, and, most importantly, thermal noise.

Methods of Random Number Generators:

A wide range of methods or mechanisms helps generate genuine random numbers that compensate for the possible or predictable biases engendered on the part of the measurement procedure or the process. The person would have to ensure that he can generate one or greater than one random number within the range that the person has to define. You must confirm the capacity of the numbers, including the maximum or minimum capacity, and enter the numbers you want to generate.


Random Number Generators are a critical tool used in various fields such as cryptography, gambling, computer simulations, and statistical sampling. Choosing the right RNG is essential for the security and accuracy of the application.

Random Number Generators are a fascinating and essential tool in many fields. Whether you must protect sensitive data or simulate a real-world scenario, the RNG can provide a secure and unbiased solution.

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